1. I feel great, am excited…

    This program gave me the ability to truly quit alcohol and make an identity shift in my thinking. I learned how to balance my days with healthy activities that I enjoy, and have meaningful time with friends and family.  I feel great, am excited, and am now training for a triathlon.…Read More

    Allison M.
  2. Everyone was SO positive!!!    

    It’s a grown-up program for actual professionals, and its effective.  I had to address my drinking and was willing to do anything.  Go Sober was the help I needed.  2 years no alcohol, and to be honest, I don’t even think about drinking, instead, I think about what good things I am going to do in my life, and that is a beautiful thing. Everyone was SO positive!!!…Read More

    Shannon B.
  3. Go Sober helped save my marriage…

    I was a tech executive that had lost the ability to work due to alcohol.  I couldn’t start my days without drinking.  I felt anxious, depressed, and hopeless over the last 3 years.  After many other unsuccessful treatment options, I tried Go Sober.  The blend of the medical, nutritional, and behavioral approach was all useful and just what I needed.  Go Sober helped save my marriage, and I …Read More

    Paul C.
  4. Thank you Go Sober!

    I am 67 years old, and had drank daily for over 45 years.  Go Sober is a legitimate, professional option that I would endorse to anyone that is looking for personal and professional support to stop drinking and feel better about life.  I am happy and my marriage is better than it has been in 20 years.  Thank you Go Sober!…Read More

    Terry C.
  5. The medical approach quickly helped me lose my cravings to drink…

    I was drinking 3 1.75 L of whiskey per week, and felt terrrible.  I only drank in the evenings and felt like I needed to drink to feel ok.  I have 3 kids, and a wife that wanted me to make changes.  I knew that I could not keep this up, so I reached out to Go Sober.  During the program I lost 24 pounds, and the medical approach quickly helped me lose my cravings to drink.  Highly recommend th…Read More

    David Y.
  6. I struggled with alcohol for over 30 years…

    I struggled with alcohol for over 30 years, and tried in-patient treatment, and AA.  Go Sober worked, the people are fantastic.  My life is amazing, I am happy, and I firmly believe without Go Sober I would still be drinking.    I am 53, healthy, and my work and family life are substantially improved in all ways.…Read More

    Dave F.