Talking With A Struggling Alcoholic

Few things are harder in life than watching someone you love struggle with alcohol use disorder. Whether they acknowledge the addiction or not, your role as a family member or friend can be the catalyst that moves them to finally making a commitment to be self-reflective about themselves, their behavior, and its impact on the people around them.

We recommend the following guidelines when it is time to have that serious conversation or even when it is another conversation.

  • Be open and honest in your communication and in sharing your feelings
  • Pick a time when you and your loved one are most likely to have a rational disucssion
  • Focus on the drinking and the behavior that stems from the problem. 
  • Avoid being accusatory and attacking the character of your loved one. 
  • Talk honestly about how the drinking behavior is effecting you and others
  • Let the past remain in the past, and focus on positive change for the future
Conversation about alcoholism

Helping Them Understand Their Treatment Options

We understand that different people will have different expectations about alcohol treatment. We strongly encourage you to browse our website and get a basic understanding of the scientific and medical reasons that people struggle with alcohol use disorder.

If you believe that your friend or family member would benefit from Go Sober™'s alcohol treatment program, we encourage you to invite them to review our website. If our approach resonates with them, then your conversation can be focused on the information we've presented. Ultimately, we would be happy to sit down and meet with you and your loved one, or even just with you. 

If inviting them to review the website is something that you might be uncomfortable with, or if you would rather start the conversation differently, we encourage you to focus on a few key points about our program.

  • Their addiction is NOT a failure of character, determination, or willpower  
  • There are valid, proven, scientific reasons why people struggle to quit drinking
  • We are a proven treatment option that combines medical and lifestyle treatment
  • Life truly can be enjoyable again without the constant craving for alcohol 

When it is time to suggest that they meet with us, please emphasize that we don't believe in belittling or emotionally beating them up. We honestly want to share the scientific facts about addiction. Threatening or belittling someone because of their problem doesn't work. We know the terrible toll that alcoholism takes, and we truly want to help.

Meet With An Addiction Specialist

Please schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with one of our addiction specialists. We understand that your loved on may not be ready to join you, and that is okay. We are happy to meet with you alone. Alcohol use disorder is a terrible condition and we want to provide you with the tools you need to help free your loved one from its grip.