An image of empty alcohol bottles.

Implementing change can be a difficult and daunting thing to think about, especially when that change surrounds alcoholism. Alcoholism or alcohol dependence is a condition that develops as a result of lifestyle choices. These choices can come from friends, family, work, activities, and other influential factors. When you decide to quit drinking, it can be difficult to figure out where you should start. After all, your entire life has constantly been surrounded by this substance. At Go Sober, our out-patient alcohol treatment program has had a high probability of success, and we want you to become part of that success with us. We understand that making this change in your life can be one of the biggest changes you’ve gone through, and we’re here to help. If you’ve been struggling with alcohol dependence and are unsure about how to make the first step, this article may just be the help you are looking for. 


Change One Thing At A Time

When you decide to change your drinking habits, it can be overwhelming. Seeing all the aspects of your life and how they have to change can be so drastic that you may think it would be easier to just continue on the path that you’re currently on. When you’re looking to change, start by changing one thing at a time. Create a list of all the aspects that might change and figure out how you can change them one at a time. Creating a visual representation of the change that is going to happen may be intimidating, but it can drastically help you prioritize your time and figure out the best approach. You may also be surprised by how many aspects of your life that you are able to change at one time. Trying to change too many things at once can often lead to burn out and defeat, but focusing on one thing at a time can help set you up for success. 


Remember to take baby steps when it comes to changing any behavior, especially alcohol dependence. There is a reason why going cold turkey does not work for most people. Slow and gradual modifications, rather than abrupt, large changes, gives you the power to make more productive and permanent changes to your lifestyle. 


Give Yourself A Realistic Timeline

As we mentioned above, it’s important to change one thing at a time. True change usually happens slowly, over time. If you’re trying to rush the process, it can result in extreme burn out, especially if you don’t feel as if you completed what you were trying to accomplish in that time limit. This can be dangerous when it comes to alcohol because it can cause you to feel trapped in the circle of drinking, seeking treatment and it not working, and then going back to old drinking habits. Shifting behavioral patterns takes time, practice, and patience. Remember you don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be committed to the process. 


Think About Why You Want To Change

This step can be easily glazed over, especially when it comes to drinking. Many people know why they want to change, or more so, why they should change. But do you really know why you want to change? Anyone can give a cookie-cutter answer, but figuring out why you really want to change can help give you more of a motivational reason to change. Understanding why you really want to change may be challenging and bring out many emotions, but creating more of a personal reason may help you continue on with your treatment when times get tough and trust us, it will be hard. But, giving yourself a real reason to change can help you power through. 


Understand How The New Behavior Will Help You

Just as we previously stated, you need to understand why you want to change. But you also need to understand how this new change will serve you. Deciding to quit drinking is a huge behavioral change that is going to serve a new purpose for you. It can be hard to imagine, especially if you’ve been dependent on alcohol for a considerable amount of time. Understanding how this new behavior is going to benefit you can help you understand the entirety of the process and why you’re going through it. 


Process the Discomfort

Change is uncomfortable and scary. We fully understand that. But allowing yourself to process the potential discomfort that you are going to go through may help you when you feel like you want to run away. It will be hard but allowing yourself to fully experience those difficult feelings can help you learn about yourself and what you need to help implement changing your alcohol dependence. Understanding this and communicating this with your loved ones is also a very mature way to help them understand how to help you during this time. 


At Go Sober in Colorado, we understand how difficult this can be. Our treatment program is designed to help undo the damaging effects of alcohol on your brain and help you change your life. We’ve accomplished amazing results with our out-patient program which focuses on both the medical and lifestyle components of alcoholism. We even offer free consultations that let you sit with a trained addiction specialist who truly understands what the struggles of alcoholism can bring. Let us help you regain your life back, contact us today