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Reset Your Life. Go Sober™

Medically Assisted Alcohol Treatment Program That Works

Our mission is simple and straightforward: to help you go sober forever.

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Why Can’t I Quit?

It's a frightening question to have to ask yourself. If you are struggling with your relationship with alcohol, take this assessment. By answering a few simple questions, you can assess whether you may need alcohol treatment. We don't require any personal information, and your information is 100% confidential and protected.

Alcoholism Assessment

Despite an overwhelming desire to leave alcohol behind, most people with alcoholism fail to permanently quit drinking. Willpower alone is almost never enough. Consumption of too much alcohol over time has hijacked part of your brain's natural function. But you can take it back.

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Our outpatient alcohol treatment program uses the latest research in neurochemistry and the most-effective, long-term, lifestyle-changing therapies. Everything we do is focused on permanently ending your desire to drink alcohol and establishing a lifestyle that reduces stress and is focused on doing healthy and enjoyable things. Go Sober is a legitimate, medically based treatment program.

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Alcohol Treatment that Works

Our outpatient treatment program is designed to help undo the damaging effects of Alcohol Use Disorder on your brain AND to help you change your life.

We achieve amazing results with an outpatient alcohol treatment program that focuses on the medical, behavioral, and lifestyle components of alcohol use. Over the course of approximately two months, you can go from constantly "thinking about drinking" to simply enjoying your life.

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Go Sober Success Stories


  1. I feel great, am excited…

    This program gave me the ability to truly quit alcohol and make an identity shift in my thinking. I learned how to balance my days with healthy activities that I enjoy, and have meaningful time with f…Read More

    Allison M.
  2. Everyone was SO positive!!!    

    It’s a grown-up program for actual professionals, and its effective.  I had to address my drinking and was willing to do anything.  Go Sober was the help I needed.  2 years no alcohol, and to be …Read More

    Shannon B.
  3. Go Sober helped save my marriage…

    I was a tech executive that had lost the ability to work due to alcohol.  I couldn’t start my days without drinking.  I felt anxious, depressed, and hopeless over the last 3 years.  After many ot…Read More

    Paul C.
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When you’re ready to be free of alcohol dependence FOREVER

Learn About The Go Sober™ Difference

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Sit with a trained addiction specialist who understands what the struggle with alcoholism is like. This no obligation, confidential session will help craft a plan to go sober forever.

Start your personalized alcohol treatment program. This includes appointments with a licensed physician trained in addiction termination, review of your options for medical detoxification, and sessions with your Care Coordinator, who will be helping you every step along the way of your journey.

Reset your brain chemistry with doctor-prescribed, FDA-approved drugs along with clinically-effective supplements that have the highest probability of treating your specific addiction profile.

Your alcohol treatment will also include a personalized program designed to retrain your brain to function normally and to ensure that you transition smoothly into a life without alcohol.

Our alcohol treatment program provides support for you and your family as they help you move through the process of leaving alcohol behind, adjusting to an alcohol-free lifestyle, and healing together — to remain sober for the rest of your life.

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