This is a difficult question for most people to answer, and the answer changes depending on how we feel when we ask it. Quitting drinking permanently is a big deal and it’s kind of a scary thing to think about. We know we want the bad stuff to stop. That’s the easy part. But, no one wants to spend time and money on treatment only to be disappointed yet again.

Consider where you fall in the distribution below…


Unfortunately, no alcohol treatment program can help someone who’s not really ready to quit. There is a very high statistical correlation between readiness and successful, long term outcome. We’d rather you consider this question seriously before committing and decide when the timing is right for you. If you’re unsure, that’s OK. We’re happy to talk with you about it. We can help you be clear in your own mind about what changes to expect and what consequences you’re likely to experience. Then, you can decide for yourself if now is the right time for you to quit.

In the meantime, here are some questions to help identify how you feel about your drinking right now. Think about your current situation and drinking habits, even if you have given up drinking completely. Read each question carefully and then decide whether you agree or disagree with the statements.

If you’ve already decided you’re ready, by all means, click here to schedule a time to come in or call this number, 303-827-4837 and we’ll make an appointment for you to get started.

Question #1: Sometimes I think I should quit or cut down on my drinking.

Question #2: My drinking is a problem sometimes.

Question #3: I enjoy my drinking but sometimes I drink too much.

Question #4: Sometimes I wonder if my drinking is out of control.

Question #5: I have started to carry out a plan to cut down or quit drinking.