Overcoming alcohol addiction is less about choice than what’s going on in the brain. Over time, excessive alcohol consumption diminishes the brain’s reward receptors’ ability to produce dopamine. Without sufficient dopamine we feel anxious and drink just to stop the anxiety. Until this condition is treated, it is extremely difficult to quit. Fortunately, medical, pharmacological and behavioral sciences provide means to physically reset these alcohol damaged reward receptors so fun and healthy alternatives can replace drinking.

We Understand It Is Hard To Stop Drinking

There’s a physiological explanation for why it is feels like it is so hard to quit drinking. Quitting isn’t actually the problem. People quit all the time. The difficult part for some people, is maintaining abstinence for extended periods of time. Hours in some cases, days or weeks in others. Unfortunately, abstinence isn’t as simple as wanting to not drink or lacking the will power not to do so. Years of alcohol abuse changes the normal function of specific neuroreceptors in the brain. These receptors called GABA-A receptors are responsible for initiating a sequence of chemical events that result in the production of dopamine. Dopamine helps us feel calm, relaxed and content. Drugs and alcohol produce abnormally large spikes in dopamine.

The brain recognizes this and over time attempts to regulate its production to a more normal level by desensitizing the GABA receptors. When a person stops drinking, the desensitized GABA receptors are unable to initiate production of sufficient dopamine so the individual experiences anxiety and stress. This is what sets up the failure mechanism, a persistent anxiety that’s difficult to ignore even with the stoutest resolution. The normal reaction is to return to drinking to make it stop and to feel normal again. Until these desensitized GABA receptors are reset it is extremely difficult to maintain abstinence.

We Offer a Solution So You Can Quit Forever

GO SOBER™ treats the physical cause for failure to stop drinking. Permanently, not for just days or weeks. By doing so, we create a window of opportunity to replace drinking with healthy, natural reward producing behaviors. When cravings and drinking anxiety stop, lasting changes can occur. We take advantage of that window and provide all the tools and resources necessary to make abstinence a permanent part of your new life with a positive outlook and no regrets.

GO SOBER™ uses medication to not only treat the cause but then create favorable conditions in the brain for natural rewards so abstinence happens without effort or sabotage. Treatment involves medications, labs, supplements and roughly 40 hours of professional services scheduled over two months with dedicated, certified specialists in medicine, pharmacology, psychology, nutrition, stress and relaxation, physical movement and lifestyle. GO SOBER™ makes quitting drinking easy by bundling all necessary ingredients into a comprehensive program with personal accountability. We call it Alcohol Treatment For Not-So Dummies™.