GO SOBER™ started from personal gratitude and a passion to help others stop the destructive cycle of alcoholism. Although the idea for an effective treatment program formalized in 2007, the story actually begins in Greg Hoffman’s (Founder) childhood and in the experiences of others who helped him bring his dream of real treatment to people who want to quit drinking, but can’t. As children of alcoholics they lived with and watched those closest to them struggle, wage war and in the case of Greg’s father, lose the war against this devastating addiction.


During the last ten years, scientific research drastically improved our understanding of addiction and its baffling behavior. Now, it’s accepted that the reward center of the brain is highly implicated in directing that behavior. It’s also understood that some of us inherit neurophysiology that can lead to forming addictions. Greg’s personal battle with his own alcoholism challenged him to understand why it was so difficult to quit even though he desperately wanted to.

Like many, once he decided enough was enough, Greg made numerous attempts to at first moderate his drinking then quit altogether only to fail over and over. A DUI, failed relationships, lost jobs, numerous AA meetings, declining health and 30 days in residential rehab weren’t enough to break the vicious cycle. Frustrated with traditional methods, Greg’s research led him to a group of pioneering physicians offering scientifically sound but medically unproven pharmacological intervention for treating different addictions including alcohol.
The theory behind the science is that certain neuro-receptors in the brain have become damaged from long term alcohol use. This damage causes anxiety that leads to repeat failure and more drinking. The medication is suspected to re-establish normal functioning of these damaged reward receptors, thereby stopping the anxiety causing failure. For Greg, within days of treatment, his preoccupation with drinking stopped completely and he was able to replace drinking with healthier reward producing behaviors which reinforced his sobriety.
What began as a personal journey to overcome alcohol addiction and reclaim joy in life became the unique and heart driven treatment program called GO SOBER™. GO SOBER™ treats not only the mechanism of failure but also the whole person by replacing unwanted drinking with healthy, reward producing alternatives.