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See Why Go Sober Works…

Medical Science Solving the Alcohol Problem

A Denver Metro and Longmont Alcohol Treatment Program That Works Without Going To Rehab

GO SOBER™ treats the brain chemistry reward problem of alcohol addiction to stop the craving, so you can stop drinking and change your life.

Overcoming alcohol addiction is not a matter of willpower. It is a matter of healthy brain reward chemistry. Go Sober utilizes medical treatment to restore normal brain reward chemistry so that you can enjoy life again without the handicap of alcohol.

What is Addiction and do I have it?

According to ASAM, addiction is a primary, chronic disease, but our definition is different.


Am I really ready to quit?

This is a difficult question for most people to answer, and the answer changes depending on how we feel when we ask it.


Why is it so hard to quit?

Well, it isn’t actually. You’ve probably quit many times. The difficult part is maintaining abstinence for extended periods of time.


Has this worked for other people?

“I’m so grateful to have a life and to be living again thanks to the GO SOBER™ Alcohol Treatment program.”


I’m ready. What can I expect?

GO SOBER™ is an eight week program with 40 hours of professional services scheduled around you.